Compassionate Care Initiative

AmeRuss pursues an active interest in assisting and facilitating Compassionate Care Initiative programs at every opportunity. In collaboration with our affiliates, AmeRuss provides support for the first Russian charitable organization for pediatric heart disease, “Children’s Heart”.

In the same spirit, AmeRuss support services can facilitate the importation of unregistered, innovative drugs into the Russian Federation for compassionate care in the setting of a life-threatening illness of individual patients when requested of a sponsor. We carry out the full cycle of activities: obtaining all regulatory documents at Central and Regional levels; assisting companies in obtaining the digital signatures required for the import license submission to the MoH; preparation and submission of all necessary documents to obtain the required import license using AmeRuss’s digital signature; coordinating a multidisciplinary case management team of medical specialists and compiling the supporting medical documentation. AmeRuss procures the customs clearance, brokerage arrangements, storage and distribution services for importation of non-registered medicinal products throughout Russia. Our logistic management includes storage and cold chain delivery from the airport to warehouse to sites and ultimately from sites to warehouse for destruction using a certified furnace.