Valtech Cardio

Valtech Cardio is a developer of innovative implantable technology for the treatment of cardiac valvular pathologies. In association with the clinical development of a unique device on a multinational platform, we sought the assistance of AmeRuss Clinical Trials, LLC to manage the regulatory process, identify an ideal investigative site, and provide general project management and site monitoring in Russia.

In the context of this complex area for clinical trials, we have found the leadership staff of AmeRuss to be highly responsive to our needs and sensitive to our budget, very personable in our day to day working relationship, and very capable at each step in the process of protocol implementation.

The depth of resources within the AmeRuss organization arranges for all the necessary technological approvals and study product importation, as well as coordination of all required human resource inputs at the site helped to launch the trial as rapidly as possible.

We consider AmeRuss our favored partnership for future projects in the Russian Federation and a valuable source to consider for any project in the area of clinical trials and product registration.”

Tal Reich