“In November 2008, AmeRuss identified a potentially strong site in Belarus, a new country for the OXiGENE FACT trial in anaplastic carcinoma. The potential strengths of this site were confirmed when AmeRuss procured, through the appropriate channels, 10 individual deidentified tissue positive pathological slides from the site of this rare neoplasm.  Confidence in the site’s potential was confirmed in a successful Pre-Study Visit by OXiGENE staff in April 2009 and the site was subsequently initiated. During the process, AmeRuss negotiated quite favorable Investigator and Institutional fee schedules on behalf of OXiGENE as well as managing the local regulatory, customs and importation, and insurance requirements.

In October 2009, during a planned expansion of sites for the FACT trial, AmeRuss identified two additional promising Russian sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg. When the last minute decision was made in December 2009 to “go” with these sites before year end, AmeRuss spearheaded a tightly coordinated effort with its OXiGENE counterparts resulting in Ministry of Health approval of these sites in record time, a team success lauded by OXiGENE CEO Peter Langecker.

Coordinating sponsor visits to the Belarusian and Russian sites for OXiGENE personnel have been managed professionally, efficiently and comfortably by AmeRuss staff. Further, document management, importation coordination, auditing measures and site monitoring have been more than satisfactorily performed by AmeRuss.”