Why AmeRuss and CIS?

Dr. Paul Caldron
AmeRuss’s competitive advantage derives from flexibility and focus on cost sensitivity – both vital in today’s new drug and device development marketplace. In addition, AmeRuss’s CRA teams consist of individuals with advanced educational degrees (most are MDs) who bring medical knowledge and expertise to the trial management and monitoring process and accelerate trial completion most efficiently and effectively.

AmeRuss’s strategic advantage in Russia relates to its alliance with the reputable SHAG Company, a premier consortium of functional groups for the provision and sale of innovative medical and analytical devices and pharmaceuticals to Russia and other regional countries. An equivalent cooperative bond exists with the Implanta group of companies, the Russian market leaders in the implantable cardiovascular device space.

Why Russia?

Speed and cost.

Medical and economic features in this environment enhance the rate of study subject recruitment and, therefore, shorten total trial completion time and cost.

Treatment-naive populations

Nowhere in the world can one top the combination of highly skilled investigators and vast populations of treatment-naive subjects as found in Russia. Fees for the investigators and institutions within the state-operated public medical delivery systems of this region are notably competitive with those demanded in the United States and Western Europe. Russian investigators and subjects have proven essential to the completion of many recent large trials initiated in the West.

Compassionate Care Initiative

AmeRuss’s overarching principle in accomplishing its business goals is first to provide the highest quality care to the subjects/patients in any trial in which we participate.  In doing so, we “put the subject/patient first”.  Our core competency focuses on the goal of managing and executing trials in the most efficient and effective ways possible.  However, these goals are subservient to ensuring the best medical interests of subjects/patients.  By adhering to this standard, the rest of our goals will be achieved.

AmeRuss pursues an active interest in assisting and facilitating Compassionate Care programs at every opportunity.  Our in-house expertise and experience can help sponsors and other organizations to realize these social imperatives.  Consider AmeRuss to assist your firm in these objectives throughout our region.