Dramatically Different.

A truly Russian CRO


CRAs in many regions.





Clarity and guidance

in difficult investigations


By blending the sponsor's trial insights with our focus, coordination, and local intelligence, we make each day count from start-up to data lock.


As a truly transnational organization, AmeRuss provides sponsors the advantages of trial recruitment from the best of Eastern Europe.


Time is of the essence and integral to the bottom line. While protecting the trial's integrity, we work to create and maintain accelerated project timelines.


Find your perfect balance of sites and investigators in Russia and the CIS combined with customized services specific to your product and trial.

Ready to Have your Expectations Exceeded?

  • John Tesser Vice President, Medical Affairs
    John Tesser, MD, FACP, FACR
    John Tesser, MD, FACP, FACR is a United States trained physician certified in internal medicine and rheumatology who has been principal investigator in more than...
  • Pavel Shafranovskiy Vice President, Corporate Development
    Pavel Shafranovskiy, PhD, MBA
    Pavel Shafranovskiy, PhD, MBA holds a doctorate in chemical physics in Russia and business master’s from the Open University of the United Kingdom, and is...
  • Andrei Bazarov Medical Director, Country Manager Russia/CIS
    Andrei Bazarov, MD
    Andrei Bazarov, MD is Medical Director for AmeRuss and Acting Country Manager overseeing Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Dr. Bazarov holds a medical degree in Surgery...

Personal Attention with Multinational Benefits

AmeRuss Clinical Trials, LLC is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with corporate offices in the United States and investigative offices in Russia and former Soviet Union regions (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan). AmeRuss is uniquely positioned to support pharmaceutical and medical device companies in fast-tracking their products to market. AmeRuss’s nimble and time efficient approach to clinical research provides the sponsor with trial performance that meets or exceeds what the world has learned to expect from this clinical trial “superpower” region. AmeRuss’s managing partners include three physician investigators who together have completed more than 450 clinical trials. As a sponsor, you can expect quality work and personal attention without undue administrative delays commonplace during trial conduction.



1page_img4   High-volume Enrollment

Reach investigators and subjects in Russia and the CIS with low exposure to modern research.

1page_img5   Network of CRAs and Russian management

Our CRAs, in regional office from Moscow to Yakutsk, and leaders’ relationships with regulatory authorities ensure swift local and national study approvals and initiation.

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